The sense of Congress is that...

We should repeal the Obama health care reform law, and replace it with a system that lowers costs, allows people to keep the coverage they have now, and give individuals the same tax breaks businesses get to provide health care insurance. Obama's law will drive health care costs through the roof and bankrupt the country.





The minority position is that we should not repeal the Obama health care reform law. Repeal would leave 30 million Americans without coverage, and would let the insurance companies go back to canceling policies when you get sick and denying coverage because of a pre-existing condition. We should stand up to the insurance companies, not give in to them.

We also asked independent voters this question on November 2, 2010. See the results here.

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Results calculated from Resurgent Republic survey data of self-identified independent voters, June 20-June 23, 2010, N=290, margin of error +/-5.75%